Skyforge’s producer, Volker Boenigk, has published the annual producer’s letter, going over the past year of Skyforge and what 2018 may bring. 2017, after all, brought the release of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of game .

As is the case much of the time, many multi-platform games feature multi-platform patching. Different updates roll out at different times across the different platforms. This isn’t the most conducive way to create a well-oiled video game machine, and as such, 2018 will bring cross-platform patching to all three platforms. That way, Allods can shift more focus to creating new content, rather than localizing current content for the three platforms. There will also be fewer bugs and patches – in general – will be released faster.

Another focus for the team next year will be improving¬† PvP, notably for console players. There’s more in store for SKyforge than just these, but Boenigk doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. Still, check out the producer’s letter for more info.


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