Skyforge as an MMORPG has been in construction since 2010, entering its closed beta state in 2015, and open beta later the same year. The game has officially reached its 1 year anniversary since this open beta, and has offered 8 expansions in this time. Like any good developer, is offering a plethora of free goodies to its playerbase in celebration of Skyforge’s first anniversary.

Even better, these goodies come to your account upon login anytime before the 27th. This allows for players to join in the celebration even though they might not be available for the first days of the anniversary. These prizes are fully given after logging in for 5 of the days of the anniversary, but each day will bring its own rewards. So what is Skyforge (or by extension offering its players?

  • Day One: 3 days of premiums subscription, “Honorable Aelion Resident” title
  • Day Two: Unique set of ear jewelry, 5,000 Ether Cores
  • Day Three: Patron Halo, Aggressive Dance Manual, 2,500 Spark Replicators
  • Day Four: Elegant Romance hairstyle set, a coupon for the stylist, 100,000 Credits
  • Day Five: Patriot Formal Armor, 500 Victor’s Medals

These are not exact days you must log in, just amount you must log in during the Skyforge’s first anniversary’s timeframe to achieve each tier. With such a strong year from the Skyforge team, and an obvious care for its players, the future is only looking up for this free to play MMO.

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