For the longest time now (well, since about the time the game entered closed beta in 2012), Hi-Rez has been patching SMITE about every two weeks, across PC and consoles.

That has to be exhausting, to say the least. Or – as Hi-Rez puts it – it’s a Herculean task. But the studio’s president, Stew Chisam, isn’t super pleased with the quality of these bi-weekly patches.

And so, starting with patch 5.8, they’ll be changing things up. The patches will go into testing longer, and the studios is planning to expand its QA staff.

Hi-Rez will also be working to get the test server accessible through Steam and other platforms, as well as incentivizing playing on it. Lastly, don’t expect to have estimates for when patches will be out. They’ll release when they’re “done.”

Check out the official Reddit post for more information, and to provide feedback if wanted.


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