Smite’s very own CCG spin-off, Hand of the Gods, is now live on Steam in Early Access. Part card game and part turn-based strategy game, the game promises to bring the best of those two sacred words.

Units battle it out on a 3D playing field while you mix and match cards in an effort to overpower your opponent. Positioning plays a large part of the game’s strategy as well.

The Steam release also coincides with a nifty patch which brings to the game, including a revamped combat log, a deck tracker, and something everyone loves – clans.

Though the game is free-to-play, Hi-Rez has released a few packs for the game, ranging from $5 up to $20. The latter packs are 25% ($14.99) off for the next week.

Also expect the game’s 7th Pantheon – Hindu – to be released in the near future.

You can read the full announcement on the Steam Early Acces release here.

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