Dreadnought’s 1.9.0 update beckons you to “taste the fire,” as they call it.

This new map takes the fight to the former human colony of Amirani, which sits at the foot of a volcano, which is probably the leading reason it’s a former colony and not a current colony. I mean, I know people tend to settle wherever they’d like, no matter what. But you’d think that after becoming a space-faring civilization, there’d be so much available real estate that setting up shop near a volcano wouldn’t be necessary.

But they did, and it evidently fell, for now you get to pilot giant spaceships in the air above the colony.

The update brings improved matchmaking, too. Now those thrilling battles above Amirani might be even more thrilling because the fights are evenly matched.

Other than that, the update also brings improvements to the shop and new player experience, as well as German Localization.

Check out the full list of changes on the official site.

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