Sci-fi CCG, Star Crusade: War for the Expanse, has come to reap a piece of the card game harvest. It’s now available on Steam as well as iOS devices. Fret not, Android lovers, that device is being supported soon enough.

The game features over 400 cards, and supports decks of either 25 or 40. The amount of cards in your deck directly correlates to how sustainable the player is in battle. More cards equals more health. Seems like a fairly interesting way to add variety to the way you play and makes it so that¬†deck size has other ramifications on gameplay. Other than, of course, how many cards you’re able to draw.

In terms of customization, there’s energy, which allows players to boost cards with more powers. Then there’s modules, which offer even more customization and allow you to tweak your abilities before battle.

The game is now live on Steam, or iOS devices. Expect to see it on Android soon, too.

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