Star Trek is one of the worlds most popular and successful Science Fiction franchises in existence. The series is credited with huge innovations in Science fiction and the way it is presented on screen, as well as taking on notable social stigma’s in its early airings. The series has stood the test of time, including movies created to this day, with Star Trek Beyond premiering July 22nd. The celebration expands beyond just the movies, tv shows, and universe itself, all the way to popular MMO, Star Trek Online.

For fans of the series that play the game, you can go to the in game market Cryptic Store (or C-Store) and claim it, all for free, beginning the 21st. In fact, you won’t even have to claim the uniform for each of your Star Trek Online characters, as unlocking the content is account wide.

What uniform is being offered? The Kelvin Admiral Uniform, pictured here.

This free uniform will be accompanying plenty more tailored content, for the Kelvin timeline. This content will range anywhere from ships, consoles, more uniforms/gear, traits and even officers. For fans of the series, this will be a very welcome addition to the star trek online universe, and for those more just into the game itself…free stuff doesn’t hurt, right?

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