The first episode of Star Trek Online’s 14th season, Melting Point, is out today as part of the Emergence update, and features none other than TNG Alumni LeVar Burton reprising his role as a much older and wiser Geordi La Forge as he teams up with Captain Kuumaarke of the Lukari. In the trailer above, La Forge is definitely sitting in the Captain’s Seat giving an order to “fire at will.”

Emergence also adds plenty of other content, too, including a brand new Primary Specialization, Miracle Worker, a support class that focuses on healing and weapon enhancements. There’s also a new Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding and an invasion scenario based around it. The Dranuur festivities continue with STO’s first 10-man defensive queue, Beach Assault. And the last stop on the Dranuur train is a 5-man Gauntlet.

One last bit of content coming with Emergence is Tzenkethi Red Alert. You and four other players much prevent a the Tzenkethi from target unsuspecting planets with a new super weapon.

You can read more on all this, as well as some other tweaks and bug fixes, through the official patch notes.

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