Star Trek Online isn’t hard “canon.” Any show could easily swoop in and change what the game has done to the universe since its release (looking at you, Star Trek: Picard), the game’s still trying its best to maintain some semblance of continuity with the TV shows.

Regardless, Star Trek Online is about to turn ten. To celebrate, Cryptic is giving every player who logs in after January 28th on PC (and later on consoles) the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser, which was jointly created by the Federation and the Klingons, two factions that like to see-saw between killing each other and being buddies.

For the moment, though, they’re getting along swimmingly, and the result of this cooperation is a T6 cruiser for a video game.

For more on the ship, including its stats, head on over to the official page.


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