It’s been a big week for StarCraft. The original game is both getting an update and a remastered version. What more, the update will make the original game free (you’ll have to pay for the remaster).

Patch 1.18 lands this week. It brings with it some new features, including observer mode, but most of it, it makes StarCraft: Broodwar free. Of course, this is just to pave the way for the remastered version, announced this week and due out sometime this summer. No word on how much that’ll cost. It won’t be free, and chances are it’ll be more than it should be. But such is the way of capitalism. At least it’ll probably show up in the Blizzard launcher. They should really support their classic titles through that.

But you can head over to the original StarCraft site for a glimpse of the HD remaster.

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