Is your guild hungry for a new stomping ground, somewhere for your to speak loudly and carry an even bigger stick? Revelation Online (from developer NetEase  and publisher has just the map for you.

Th game’s most recent Stardust update, which adds a new GvG map – Starshatter Island, is now available.

The new map, Starshatter Island, supports up to 400 players and has a fair amount of PvE content to swing those big sticks at. The map comes in two variants, too. One of them can be accessed by anyone and sets the level of all players to 79. The other mode, Conquest, requires an entrance ticket but allows you to keep your level and gear advantage.

The patch also adds Faierie’s Funland, which is an amusement park-esq place to go and have some fun.

You can read more about the patch on the official site.

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