If you’re a fan of developer Trion Worlds, and keep up to date with them as a group, you’ve likely heard or seen its accidental uploading of newest Rift expansion Starfall Prophecy to be on sale at its store before properly announcing it. This was a huge surprise for the Rift community, and will bring a huge chunk of content to the thriving free to play fantasy MMORPG. In fact, this marks one of the biggest releases for the game since 2013, when it switched from its subscription model.

Starfall Prophecy will include a whole slew of new content, including a level cap increase to 70, many new zones, new dungeons, a new raid, sieges, assaults and even a new item rarity to achieve. Not bad for one release. The cost of the expansion matches the amount of content it brings to the game, at a $40 pricetag for its Standard Edition, or $60 for the Deluxe Edition (offering a mount, a portrait frame. and even the Rainment of the “Rift Walker” Asha Catari.)

From the looks of things, if you do decide to purchase this newest Trion expansion, you will be getting your moneys worth, with hours and hours of content additions that will keep dedicated Rift players captivated for a long and exciting time.

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