Evolve, thanks primarily to egregious DLC practices, came out not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Then came a glimmer of hope. Evolve went free-to-play. It seemed the game had a second lease at life. Despite Turtle Rock Studio’s best efforts at breathing life back into the game, it wasn’t meant to be. They will no longer be working on Evolve.

In their final message to their community, they definitely make it sound like they’re not ceasing development because they want to. Seems more that 2K games can no longer see a reason to have them working on the game. It’s unclear exactly what 2K has planned. In their own statement, it appears the game itself might not be dead, and any further development will happen in-house at 2K. The free-to-play will still continue on the PC, and they’ll still be tinkering with the business model.

Let’s just hope Turtle Rock Studios bounces back from THIS. There’s plenty of talent at the studio. Hopefully the “lots of stuff” that they’re working on goes well for them.

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