After a successful Kickstarter way back in 2013, and a successfully early access phase earlier this year, Faerie is now free-to-play.

It’s still in Early Access, though, through Steam, so it’s not done yet, but what game is ever done these days?

The transition from paid to free brought with it a few changes. Firstly, solo mode has been overhauled. French translations are now in, and Polish come next week. There’s also new art, and as any free-to-play game would have, a new microtransaction, the Gold Fountain.

These will give you 600 gold upon purchase, and then 60 more gold each day for 30 days for a total of 2400 gold. The gold rewards will also stack if not claimed. So you don’t have to worry about logging in in order to claim your gold fountain gold.

On top of that, the Faeria eggs will soon be hatching. These were dolled out during April’s competitive tournament to Twitch viewers. Naturally, they’ll be hatching (and will reveal the mystery treasures within) during the next competitive event, between September 10th and 11th.

Now go toss some cards on that Living Board.


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