Rift, the massively popular MMORPG turned free to play in 2012, has kept a steady and dedicated substantial group of players. For these players, it continues to create great and consistent content to add to its expansive and unique universe.

If you’re an active player of Rift, or a possible returning player to the game, you’ll be happy to learn about Summerfest. It is an in game event that will last all the way until August 3rd. This lengthy event allows for players to explore and experience all of the plethora of new content it introduces. This content includes new quest chains, entirely unique items, scavenger hunts, and battles. As well, there will be new scattered artifact collectibles to gather.

Amongst this huge list of goodies, the most notable and standouts amongst them include Alsbeth’s Raiment usable by characters of both genders, as well as the Burning Husk mount.

To achieve these rewards,  all you have to do is log into the longstanding pillar of an MMO, and go out to experience Summerfest. This includes following a deep quest chain headed by Mitch, the famous Telaran playwright. Along with this, there is plenty of potential individual exploration to find goodies. You will experience scavenger hunts, and take down Swarmlord Khargoth in glorious combat. Whether you’re new or returning, with so much time to soak up this festival, I highly suggest you go and give it a try.

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