Survarium is a free to play post-apocalyptic MMOFPS which entered open beta and Steam early access in 2015. Vostok Games, it’s developer, has stuck to its S.T.A.L.K.E.R. influenced roots, retaining similar universe features.

Vostok Games has brought it’s players an expansive new update, featuring many different content additions in different areas of the game, spanning performance to new in game content.

First off, the new 0.43 update allows for a huge increase to performance, especially for low-end pc’s, boasting performance increases up to the realm of ~70%. This will be a huge change for a large portion of the playerbase, and this kind of optimization is a great sign for all players.

Second, this new update brings a massive quality of life change for hit markers, allowing them to grow larger as you continually deal more damage to a target, as well as new indicating features to show when/why damage output decreases. This change alone will greatly smooth out the game’s combat.

Third,  the game’s killcam feature will be receiving an upgrade that will allow the player viewing to see more on how they died, leaving less up to question and confusion.

Fourth, new content will be introduced, including new guns spanning from automatic shotungs to machineguns, as well as assault rifles.

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