Server merges are a rite of passage for just about any MMO, assuming – of course – that it was once popular enough to warrant more than 1 server, or was built in such a way that servers made sense.

Bioware announced this week that SWTOR would soon be consolidating its 17 servers into 5. They’re calling it the “United Forces” update, due out November 8th, and anyone who logs into the game between then and November 27th will be able to earn some prizes, from pets and companions to achievements.

The official blog post also has an exhaustive FAQ which answers just about any question you might have over the transfers, such as what will happen to all your characters if you have more than 52, what will happen to your name, or your guild.

You know, usual stuff.

Now we just have to wait another six years for those 5 servers to become 1, and for that one to be crowned the last Highlander.

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