SWTOR‘s ending the year under siege, or at least the Jedi are. Poor things. The update will bring to the game plenty of new stuff, including story content and guild improvements, but Bioware will be kicking things off with a series of events.

The first one ran this past week ends tomorrow, so there’s still a little time left to log on. From there, and starting December 11th, there are another six events between then and the end of January.

They are:

  • Bounty Contract Week: December 11 – 18
  • Life Day Event: December 11 – January 15
  • Double Rewards Event: December 20 – 31
  • Relics of the Gree Event: December 25 – January 1
  • Rakghoul Plague Outbreak on Corellia: January 8 – 15
  • Bounty Contract Week: January 22 – 29

Read more about them all here.


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