The TGP Box, as it is called, will be Tencent’s console and will play Tencent-owned games, including League of Legends.

Yup. In a roundabout way, League of Legends is coming to consoles. Well a single console, and there’s an even bigger catch. The TGP box is only coming out in China. So don’t expect to see it swim its way across the ocean anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the console¬†seems like a fairly interesting piece of hardware. It seems to have a lot in common with the Steambox in that it’s basically a PC, and comes equipped with Windows 10.

Oh, and it’s pricey.

$549 to be exact, but presumably it can double as a PC. One that only plays Tencent games and is available only to Chinese customers.

Still, it’s an interesting development in Tencent’s continued growth of power.

I just can’t wait for my very own Tencent toothbrush and lunchbox.

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