TERA’s newest update, Arsenal, brings two new dungeons to the game, as well as a new way for players to upgrade gear once they’ve reached the level cap.

One of the new dungeons, Thaumetal Refinery, focuses are how the archdevans are mining for a  new, mysterious ore and using goblin slave labor to do it (can’t say goblins haven’t deserved it).

The other dungeon, the RK-9 Kennel, is where the evil robot, RK-9, is poised to take over the world. It’s up to the most powerful players to show him the what-for.

As for that new method of gear progression, level 65 players can now acquire enchanting materials from dungeons, battlegrounds, world bosses, and quests. These can be used to enchant eat of four new sets to a maximum of +6 or 9.

You can read more about the Arsenal update on the official site.

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