The world of TERA is about to get a tad bit smaller. En Masse announced today that Xbox One and PS4 merges would happen August 21st. PC mergers are planned for later this year.

For PS4 and Xbox One, however, here’s what to expect from the mergers. Basically, though, the current server count of 22 will be whittled down to 7.

  • PlayStation
    • North America
      • New Server One (PvE) will be made up of Dracoloth, Thulsa, Ovolith, Felbane, and Hydrath
      • New Server Two (PvP) will be made up of Nyxarras and Huzrat
    • Europe
      • New Server Three (PvE) will be made up of Maligos, Skulregnath, Molach, and Saravash
      • New Server Four (PvP) will be made up of Zyrnaaxis and Arakaar
  • Xbox One
    • North America
      • New Server Five (PvE) will be made up of Smulch, Basilisk, Orisk, and Melkatran
      • New Server Six (PvP) will be made up of Vesporax and Suryati
    • Europe
      • New Server Seven (PvE) will be made up of Karascha, Abraxis, and Fimbrilisk

For more information, as well as a nifty FAQ, head on over to the official site.

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