TERA’s new server, dubbed PvP 65, will arrive on September 7th, but it’s not coming without a cost.

Other servers are required to die in order for this one to live. Specifically, Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans. Those three servers are being merged to create PvP 65, and once it’s up and running, this new server will allow PvP only at max level. Lowbies won’t have to watch their backs under the constant threat of being ganked by some bored high-leveled character who has nothing better to than run around one-shotting people. I’ve been on both ends of that.

But what if you’re someone Highwatch, a PvE-only server, who doesn’t want to engage in PvP at all? Well, starting September 9th, and ending September 13th, you’ll be able to transfer to a new PvE server, Ascension Valley. No word on whether there’ll be server transfers to a full PvP server for people who would prefer to be able to kill anyone at anytime. But at least the carebears among us are being taken care of, right?

Soon after the servers merge, TERA will be getting an all new weekly feature, Guild Battles. Once a week, guilds from all across Arborea will converge on Velkia to create towers and duke it out. The guild with the last tower standing get the taxes from the past week.

The battles aren’t the only love guilds will be getting. Sizable changes are in route for the entire guild system.

First, the use of Catharnach Awards to level your guild will be replaced with Guild Missions that earn your guild experience to level up. As your guild grows, guild members will also have their base stats enhanced and their movement and mount speed increased via guild skills. There will be systems in place to ensure that smaller guilds aren’t placed at a disadvantage, and ways for guild masters to set up weekly distributions of gold to their members.

Yesterday’s producer letter has the full scoop.

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