Spellbound, the latest update for En Masse’s TERA, is now live. Boasting a revamp to the sorcerer class, the update also adds new PvP and PvE instances.

The sorcerer is being granted with a slew of new spells and abilities, and plenty of changes to his existing ones. Animations, too, are being revitalized. So now not only will you char enemies, but you’ll look good while doing it. This revamp marks the first of supposed many to come in future updates.

En Masse has a overview video for anyone who wants to see the Sorcerer 2.0 in motion.

In addition to improvements to the sorcerer class, Spellbound is also gracing TERA will some fresh dungeons to delve into. Ruinous Manner and Lilith’s Keep are both available to level 65 players. Two older dungeons – Sky Cruiser Endeavor (hard) and Vault of Kaprima – are both being redone in order to provide more of a challenge to players. The new PvP battleground also has players pitting tanks against each other.

The TERA site has even more details.

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