En Masse had a nice little event planned for TERA last week, but unfortunately Civil Unrest never came to pass.

Civil Unrest is meant to be a form of PvP in TERA in which Guilds flock to Velika and construct towers. Then, once the proverbial horn sounds, said guilds will rush to assault the towers build by other guilds while simultaneously defending theirs against attacks. The event was meant to run this past Saturday, but something went awry and En Masse had to put a stopper on the event for the time being while they sort out the issues. They’re going as far as to Re-QA the entire event to pin down the issue.

Right now, En Masse is aiming to run the event later this Tuesday so the team can troubleshoot CIvil Unrest live, and if all goes according to plan, the event will return again on Saturday.

For more information on the event itself, check here, and refer to the forum post for details on the issue and plans to fix them.

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