The Guilded Ages, as the name implies, brings updates to the TERA’s guild system. There are new quests, levels, and skills, and experience it all in style with new flying mounts.

The new quests can be completed by multiple guild members, granting each player a reward based upon their participation and the guild itself with experience. As a guild levels and completes quests, it will gain access to additional funds which can be traded at the guild shop for new and fancy items and guild skills.

In addition to those additions, there’s a new guild PvP mode, taking place each Saturday. During a 2-hour window (7-9 PM PST) Guilds can make their way to the new Velika Conflict Zone, place towers, and then defend them from enemy guilds while simultaneously attacking other guilds’. The last tower standing wins a cut of the taxes and access to a special merchant.

Head on over to the official site to read more about The Guilded Age.

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