HeroWarz launched into beta, so in a way, it was never really done, but now, developer KOG games have decided to shove it even further back into the oven.

On March 26th, 2017, KOG Games will be taking HeroWarz offline in an attempt to, as they put it, “immerse our players in the RPG centric story in the best way possible – updating Characters to be truly balanced and make known all of the unique abilities they all bring to the game, building upon and improving the way players interface with the game, and of course PvP and so much more – we have no other choice but to take HeroWarz offline.”

But there’s still two more months before the game truly goes offline, and in that time expect, “major Character balance changes, 2X Bonus EXP and Drop rates (all day, every day), Diver Code and Wonder/Epic drop rate increase, and more.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the game looks (and plays) once it comes back online next year.

Check out the official announcement for all the details.

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