The latest expansion for Rift, Starfall Prophecy, goes into open beta on Oct 13th with a full release set sometime this fall.

While Rift itself is free to play, Starfall Prophecy won’t be. It’ll be paid content with a $39.99 base version and a $59.99 deluxe edition. At the very least, the open beta will give players the chance to try it before they buy it.

But all that bling won’t be going to waste. Starfall Prophecy is adding a fair amount of content to Rift to make the ticket price worth your while.

  • Five new zones: Xarth Mire, Ashenfell, Tenebrian Schism, Scatherran Forrest, and the Gedlo Badlands
  • Level cap increase to 70
  • Two new dungeons: Temple of Ananke and Tuath’de Coven
  • New Systems: Legendary Powers and Planar Fragments
  • And the ability to invade the Planes themselves, with Planar Assault Adventures

You can see a lot of these aspects to the game first hand at Trion’s official space for Starfall Prophecy.

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