Just imagine if someone was digging through a dumpster and found a stack of unused Star Trek: The Next Generation scripts of varying degrees of quality. That’s kind what Fox’s (technically Hulu’s now) The Orville is like. It’s a show deeply rooted in the early 90s, but also the modern age. It now has an Interactive Fan Experience, all for free! And free games are a development of the modern era of games.

“The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience” (which is a description if a little boring title) is a recreation of the show’s titular starship. You can walk around solo, or invite your friends to multiplayer sessions to conduct a bit of Orville roleplaying. The “experience” is still in early access, and while there are a fair amount of features currently, like 1st and 3rd person, as well as the ability to actually pilot the Orville, there’s more to come, including roomscale VR, as well as singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

Check out the Steam page for more.

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