If you’ve been walking the Path of Exile on PC, then perhaps you have wandered your way over to the PS4 without even realizing it. Indeed,  one of the best ARPG’s on the market is now out on the PS4, and completely free.

Of course, if you’ve somehow managed to find your way onto the PS4 while playing the game on the PC, then you have somehow broken the spacetime continuum, and you should talk to NASA, or something, especially since the game doesn’t have cross-play.

Still, though, anyone itching to play an ARPG from their couch, with a controller, can now download Path of Exile for their PS4. As with every other free game on the PS4, PS Plus isn’t required. Yeah, you’ll still need an internet connection, and to download the game, but it’s there, and it has the most recent expansion that only just launched on PC – Synthesis.

Grinding Gear Games have set up a FAQ for some burning questions that you might have, so check that out.

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