Remember The Repopulation? If you don’t – it’s okay – neither did I. But The Repopulation was a Kickstarted sci-fi MMORPG that was meant to eventually go free-to-play after spending some time in early access. As you might imagine, things didn’t quite go as planned, and for a while, it seemed like the game wouldn’t be coming out at all.

The developers of The Repopulation – Above & Beyond Technologies (ABT) – licensed the Hero Engine from Idea Fabrik, and in the ensuing months, the two butted heads over unpaid royalties, and eventually ABT made the decision to bring the game offline and port it to Unreal Engine. Only that didn’t go as planned, and in the end, ABT sold the rights of the game to Idea Fabrik and used their shell of a platform to launch Fragmented on Steam, one of those survival games that drew a lot from the attempt to rebuild The Repopulation.

Idea Fabrik took The Repopulation under its wing and stated that the game would be relaunched in early 2017. They provided us with an update last week saying it would still be about a couple weeks. So keep your eyes peeled for The Repopulation’s triumphant return sometime next week.


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