NCSoft is responsible for many of the most popular MMORPG’s and other games out right now, powerful titles like Guild Wars 2, Aion, Lineage/Lineage 2, Wildstar, and strong competitive powerhouse Blade and Soul.

Now, the most recent financial information about this selection of leading games is released here. This allows viewers to see just how well their favorite games are doing, you can see player number surges and just as easily downfalls. This reveal brought a lot of interesting results to the surface, things like Guild Wars 2 and Aion taking significant downturns, as well as Blade and Soul even dropping a bit. This was a big surprise with Aion and Blade and Soul dropping after consistent increases as of late.

For Guild Wars 2, this is a huge warning shot for the games continued lifespan the way it once was. The downturn has been severe, and quick.

For Wildstar, this is a great resurgence for the games life moving forward. The game has returned from the dark side with a greater pulse, and we can all hope it continues on its path of growth.

For Blade and Soul, the meteoric rise of the recent past have given way, but the game remains much stronger than it was earlier last year.

The scape of online games, however powerful communities may seem, is always shifting. This NCSoft financial report reinforced and showed just that.

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