Warfame’s latest trailer beckons you, Tenno, to prepare… for next month’s update.

Digital Extremes hasn’t said much about the update yet, except for this little tidbit on the preview page.

The War Within will have you embark on a chilling journey, where both your Warframe and Operator will be pushed past their limits as you slowly unravel mysteries about the Tenno’s past and their true capabilities. To begin this journey, you must have completed The Second Dream Quest and have access to the planet Sedna by unlocking the Pluto-Sedna Junction.

To prepare, our friends at Mashed and Warframe Fan Channels have put together essential videos to help you ready up for this exciting milestone. Are you ready, Tenno?

Warframe has become quite cinematic as the years go on. I’ve really enjoyed watching the story play out, and I’m curious to see where it goes.

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