A while ago, Perfect World Entertainment shut down Runic Games (the creators of Torchlight 1 & 2) to focus on “games as a service,” and in a strange turn of events, Perfect World Entertainment has announced Torchlight Frontiers, which is being created by the former CEO of Runic Games and a bunch of ARPG vets in a new studio, Echtra Games.

Although, to be honest, Torchlight Frontiers does seem to be an MMORPG and a game as a service. So it’s not quite the same thing as Torchlight 3, but the guys at Runic had always wanted to make a Torchlight MMO, so I suppose fate has worked itself out.

Their own description is somewhat promising:

Torchlight Frontiers combines the heart of the beloved Torchlight series with a shared, persistent and dynamically generated world. In true Torchlight style, players will team up with friends and devoted pets to hack and slash their way through a vibrant world, discover ancient ruins of lost civilizations and brave dungeons filled with riches and dangerous creatures. Additional details about Torchlight Frontiers will be revealed at a later date.

That’s basically all we have to go on for the moment. No gameplay has been shown yet (but there is a story trailer – seen below). For the moment, it’s a matter of waiting and seeing.

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