After bringing the game down way back in February of LAST year, Creative Assembly is finally starting to reintroduce Total War: Arena to the wild.

The closed beta begins in just a few short days, on the 1st. Then, for two months (or 8 weeks), the game will be available all day, every day. And even if you aren’t in the closed beta, you can wait and see what other players say about the game as the NDA has been lifted.

You can sign up for the test if you want, or – if you’re feeling extra generous – you can buy yourself a founder’s pack (ranging from either $9.99 or $$99.99). Whichever pack you buy, you’ll gain access to the beta. And, of course, other things, like 30 days of premium status (which includes closed and open beta).

To sign up, visit this link if you’re in the NA. Those in Europe, go here.

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