War may be total, but it’s certainly not infinite. Wargaming and Creative Assembly announced last week that Total War: Arena would cease live service in February of next year.

As a thank you to the community, Creative Assembly is offering up your choice of one of four rewards:

  • Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Definitive Edition
  • Hannibal at the Gates (Total War: ROME II DLC)
  • Age of Charlemagne (Total War: ATTILA DLC)
  • Grim and the Grave (Total War: WARHAMMER DLC)

There’s a link in Total War Arena’s in-game news to claim your choice of DLC. Wargaming also had this to say about refunds:

If you’ve spent money in Premium Shop during the Closed Beta or the Open Beta, or bought a starter pack before the Closed Beta started, and have unspent Gold and/or Premium time on your account as of November 22, 2018, you are entitled to receive the equivalent amount of your remaining Gold and Premium time in World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, or World of Warships (at a 1:1 exchange rate).

Check out the official announcement for more.


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