When the old-school arena shooter, Toxikk, finally leaves early access on September 9th, it’ll release alongside a free version of the game.

Well, think of it more as an extended demo, or a shareware version of the game. Toxikk implores you to frag like it’s 1999, so offering a limited version of the game is quite classic, in a sense. The free edition of Toxikk is more than a demo, but it’s not the full version of the game. There are some limitations. Most notable, perhaps, is the omission of some of the game’s maps, as well as the lack of a server browser. You’ll also need to upgrade to the full game for character customization, SDK tools, and Steam workshop support.

But that aside, the free version of the game has everything you’ll need to party like it’s 1999. You can play on official servers, and in lieu of the server browser, there’s the game’s matchmaking. All mutators and weapons are available.

Not a bad offering at all considering the low-low cost of free, even without server browsers.

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