Suffice it to say, ArcheAge: Revelation did not launch without a hitch, but fear not, Trion and XL Games are giving players a little something to make up for the issues.

Anyone who logged in between December 10th and the 22nd will have a special something waiting for them the next time that they log on. Unfortunately, Trion did not announce this compensation until after the window had closed. So if you keep ArcheAge chained up in the dark recesses of your hard drive and weren’t even aware that there was a big update, or that it was wrought with issues, then don’t expect to log on now and reap the benefits.

Still though, at least active ArcheAge players will get something for having to contend with issues, and just what is that something?

All players will receive 50 Warrior’s Medals, 50 Merit Badges, and 1 Login Badge. Legacy players will receive the Iron Eviscerator Mount, and Fresh Start players will receive the White Reindeer. Both mounts are exclusive and will not be available anywhere else but as compensation for the server woes. And if you’re a Patron of the Archeage, then you’ll get 15 days of Patron credited to your account.

Check out the official forum post for this and more information.

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