Defiance 2050 is quickly approaching – there’s another beta event for it this weekend, so make sure you’ve signed up.

In the meantime, Defiance (the old one) is having an event, cleverly named Event Horizon, between now and May 7th, players receive 100% more XP, Rep, and Score. Which, in turn, allows them to earn more Valor points, which is a way for players to earn rewards in Defiance 2050 by playing Defiance.

There are a few specific tasks to complete, with nifty rewards:

Expedition Specialist (5 EGO/Achievement points)

  • Complete 15 Expeditions above Tier 25 during Event Horizon

Event Horizon : Event Expert (5 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete 25 Major Arkfalls, Sieges, or Incursions during Event Horizon

Event Horizon : Faction Guru (5 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete 20 Contracts during Event Horizon

Event Horizon Completionist (40 EGO/Achievement Score)

  • Complete all Event Horizon Pursuits

Check out more about the event here.

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