For the next couple weeks, Trion is hosting a wide array of Valentine’s Day festivities for its full suite of games. So grab whomever your significant other may be, and sit down in front of the computer or console while you show each other how deep your love runs with video games.

Below you’ll find a full list of what each game is doing:

  • Trove is holding the  Hellbugs In Love in-game event ~ February 13 – February 26

    • Earn Daily Rewards. All daily bonuses are active.

    • Pick up the New Blocky Bonus mount (Laevantis WV-4 Hoverboard).

    • A new 10-step quest rewards the Snug Lovebug Rug.

    • Offers 70% off of Arcanium Expedition, Double Dragon, Mega Menagerie Packs.

  • RIFT is offering in game bonuses and other goodies ~ February 12 – February 18

    • The Lovely Cappies have arrived to cause mischief in Telara and can be found hiding in a new shipment of Supply Crates.

    • Grants 50% off XP/AAXP/Guild XP/Prestige/Favor.

    • Valentine’s Day-themed mounts from previous celebrations can now be purchased directly.

    • A discount of 50% off the Ascended Essentials Pack is available.

  • ArcheAge players can take part in the Finding True Love event ~ February 14 – February 27.

    • Offers a discount of 50% off the Erenor Eternal Pack.

    • Adds a new quest to find the true Prince Yateo earn Lunarite, Honor and Gilda stars. Winnings can be collected when the answer is revealed between March 7 – 14.

    • Rewards Valentine’s Day-themed titles, weapon skins and camping gear.

    • Gives players daily Greenman Candy.
  • Defiance players can battle Hellbugs together Colony Courtship event to earn bonuses.

    • Get 100% boosts for XP, Rep, and Score.

    • Seven days of Patron status will available upon logging in during the event.
  • Atlas Reactor kicks Season 5 off with the Mad Love Event ~February 13 – February 20.

    • New loot matrices can be earned through Daily Missions or purchased directly.

    • Mad Love-themed skins and emblems will be available for a limited time.

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