Today, Trove’s Senior Producer, Ricky White, took to the game’s official site to unleash a letter to the community all about November 14th’s Trove – Adventures update, better known as the “club update.”

The new adventure system will allow clubs to level. Doing so will unlock a new type of structure: fixtures – which provide stats, boosts, and bonuses, some of which have yet to make an appearance in Trove.

The patch is also adding the Forbidden Spires, a brand new biome. This Eastern-themed landscape will visually replace the Uber-6 prime world and will appear randomly in other prime worlds.

There’s also some changes to the Mastery and Leaderboard system. Best of all, the Mastery system is now uncapped, allowing you to benefit for everything you’ve unlocked.

The patch also includes a new tutorial and plasma fishing, but you can read about everything in the producer’s letter.

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