Though Legends drastically revamped the Secret World formula, offering gamers quite the fresh take on the 2012 game, thus far, all of the updates have simply been older content that’s been redone. Until now. Secret World Legends is about to get its first real bit of new content since its launch.

Funcom took to Twitch to show off the last bits of content coming to SWL’s Tokyo area. This includes some older content which has been redone so that it will at least feel somewhat fresh to seasoned players. There’s also something new to anticipate as well, a lair located in Kaidan. Down in its depths lurk new dangers, like three new bosses and the ill-tempered Foo Dogs.

This new content is intended for players that have been around the block a few times around. So gear accordingly.

You can check out the Twitch video for a preview of all this and more.


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