You might have heard by now, but the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris experienced a bit of a trauma a few days ago when the roof caught fire, destroying the spire and most of the lead-covered wooden roof. Fortunately, the building can (and will be) restored, but that’s not going to be cheap. Ubisoft, who if you’re not aware, are French themselves, will be donating €500,000 to support the restoration and reconstruction of the cathedral.

They’re also giving away PC copies of Assassin’s Creed Unity, which features the landmark. Indeed, you can leap off that beauty in its original glory. And anyone who’s worried about the game’s state (it launched in a bit of a messy state) worry not, Ubisoft patched the game right up. Just grab the game anytime within the next week, and keep it forever (or at least as long as Uplay is a thing).

Head on over to Ubisoft’s site for more on the announcement.

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