Do you know what’s better than an announcement of a game soon to be shut down? How about three games?

Yup. Later this year, Ubisoft will be shutting down three separate free-to-play titles. When it rains, it pours.

First on the chopping block? Might and Magic Duel of Champions. 2016’s been a pretty quiet year for the game – up until now that is – and I guess now we can see why. After October 13th, the game will see no additional updates, and on October 31st, the lights go out.

Next up? The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Its servers will go dark on October 25th. It’s been a quiet year for that game as well. You can read the FAQ if you want more information on that one.

Lastly, Ghost Recon Phantoms has a bit longer to live than the other titles. Its servers aren’t going offline till December 1st. There’s an FAQ for that one, too.

Perhaps the best news, though, is that none of the titles are offering refunds for anyone who purchased virtual currency. Even if they did so in the last few days, but such is life, I suppose.

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