If you haven’t been paying attention, you better start soon. Upcoming anime styled MMORPG Twin Saga from X-Legend Entertainment/Aeria Games has garnered a good amount of attention with the few things it has revealed along the way to a future release. While the game’s release date is unknown at this time, these looks into the developing product are extremely promising.

One of the biggest new aspects to Twin Saga is it’s emphasis of only needing to play a single character as opposed to having to make multiple to enjoy different playstyles. This is accomplished by a very innovative feature and system… the ability to freely change classes, all on the same character!

Along with this genius and innovative design, the game will feature a combat system built around the stocking up of the players SP gauge. Once completed, the player will unleash a flurry of Ultimate moves to destroy foes, all in a beautifully crafted anime-inspired world.

Along with these two new details, it has been announced that the player can recruit fellow warriors known as Senshis to be the player’s companion, one that uses entirely their own moves.

Of course, the classes you can switch to must be unlocked, but these gameplay aspects incoming are a huge strength to Twin Saga’s future. The game will be available as early as August 9th for those purchasing a founder’s pack, something certainly worth consideration.

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