More news out of Blizzcon. Heroes of the Storm has new stuff coming its way, too!

Notably, two new heroes. King Varian Wyrnn, who (spoilers) recently sacrificed himself to save the Alliance in World of Warcraft. The other hero coming to the game is none of other than the Firelord himself, Ragnaros.

Varian is actually HotS’s first multi-class hero. Players can either choose to specialize him as a Tank, or an Assassin.  Ragnaros, is – well – Ragnaros. He purges insects by fire. Oh, he can also attach himself to a structure, become immobile, and lay waste.

No other huge new HotS announcements, but there will be a new brawl – a fresh take on the Blackheart’s Bay map. And for anyone who happens to play Blizzard’s behemoth shooter, Overwatch, there’s a cross promotion where you can earn rewards for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

All you have to do is play 15 or 30 games. Here’s more details on that:

Complete 15 Heroes games in Ranked, Unranked Draft, Quick Match, or Co-op vs. A.I. before time runs out, and you’ll unlock the Oni Genji skin, spray, and player icon in Overwatch, as well as Zarya and the Oni Genji Portrait in Heroes of the Storm. The rewards only get sweeter when you play more games. Finish 30 matches and you’ll pick up even more Heroes, the slick new Orochi Hovercycle mount, and a 30-Day Stimpack.

You can find more about all of this on Blizzard’s official site.

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