Warframe’s next update is just over the horizon, promising a new warframe, Harrow, as well as the ability to dual-wield thrown and secondary weapons.

Read on for a taste of the quest, Chains of Harrow,

A disturbing transmission from Red Veil’s spiritual medium leads to an abandoned Steel Meridian vessel adrift on the outskirts of Earth. Inside, strange whispers echo throughout the lifeless vessel. Emergency lights strobe to reveal the horrors of what happened inside. What force unleashed this evil and how can it be stopped?

The Chains of Harrow quest will appear in the Codex for those who have completed The War Within and unlocked Mot in the Void.

Earth is also getting some love. The tileset is getting a pretty extensive makeover, and judging by the video below, the contrast is stark.


You can head over here to see a preview of the patch, and full notes should be available on the forums within a couple hours.

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