Today, Digital Extremes quietly pulled back the curtain on their latest project. Keystone is a first-person shooter with a heavy deck-building element, all wrapped in a splendid 70s sci-fi aesthetic.

DE also mentions something about traveling through a multiverse by means of a virtual board game. (I guess that Jumanji revival is coming sooner than expected).

Unfortunately, that’s about all Digital Extremes has revealed of the project, but players will have the opportunity to play the game sooner than otherwise expected. Sign-ups for a closed alpha are currently underway, and the first wave of invites roll out in just two days on the 25th. The first closed alpha session begins on the 26th and will run until the 29th. But before you set yourself up for an influx of videos and screenshots, know that there is an NDA.

You can read more about the official announcement on the Digital Extremes site, or head on over to the Keystone site to sign up for the alpha.

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