A couple weeks ago, Digital Extremes rubbed some people the wrong way by threatening legal action against a 17-year-old dataminer that Warframe’s community had relied upon for the drop rates of items. Evidently, the data that he had mined eventually lead to hacks being made for Warframe.

One thing led to another, and now Digital Extremes have come out themselves with the drop chances on items, and let me tell you, the resource they’ve provided is exhaustive, to say the least. Despite a less-than-appealing URL, you can check out the full list yourself if you want the nitty-gritty on drop rates. Fortunately, the 480 or so pages of numbers and percentages are broken up into categories.

This list is generated automatically and published by DE, but not all hotfixes will be included. They don’t want to risk spoiling anything by revealing the drops rates of unreleased loot from unreleased enemies and missions.

You can check out the forum post over here.

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