Warframe‘s Fortuna expansion is due out later this year, and will bring a new open world enviroment to Venus, but this isn’t about that. Nope. At Tennocon this year, Digital Extremes went a step further to announce what’s coming after Fortuna, and that is Railjack. Or at least, Railjack is the codename of the thing that’s to come.

Unless this is a Destiny situation, where they codename for Bungie’s new game was Destiny, and then the game just ended up being called Destiny.

Railjack is adding space combat to the game, as well as enemy ship boarding (and lovely sabotage). That way your ship, the Railjack (I guess that’s where they got the name), can blow it to smithereens. Hopefully after you’ve left it. The Railjack will have an entire crew manning it, including a commander.

Digital Extremes hopes to have Railjack out by the end of the year, but it’s a pretty big undertaking, so it may slip into 2019. PCGamesN has the full scoop.

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