Warframe’s biggest update ever, the Plains of Eidolon, is now live. The big showcase is, of course, the Plains of Eidolon themself, the big open world now available to players for them to run around in, fly around in on their archwings, and kill enemies around in.

There’s also a new Warframe – Gara – who has quite the affinity for glass, and slicing up enemies with it, to be precise. Also included in the patch are a bunch of new weapons, four new melee stances, and another big update: Focus 2.0. The focus of the focus update (apologies) is trying to shift the focus away away from Warframes and put it back in Operator to make him (or her) more combat-ready.

But you can read more about the Plains – as well as what they offer – as well as the Focus 2.0 revamp through the immense patch notes.

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